Cat McMillan Testimonial

When I joined personal best in January 2016, I was unfit, unhappy and overweight through a combination of very poor diet and little exercise. Mikey took me on as his PT client and we got to work on setting some goals. The first thing on the agenda was my diet, I thought I had been eating the right types of foods and the right amount of calories but I was way off the mark! Mikey explained that by eating too few calories for my body it was actually preventing me from losing weight and resulting in my body storing body fat.   So we set a calorie target and also some macro nutrient goals to make sure my body received the right nutrition and enough energy. Mikey explained nutrition to me in a way which made it easy to understand and also closely monitored my food journals.  It took some time but I’m delighted to say I’ve nailed it and the weight is steadily dropping off.

On to my fitness I can honestly say I’ve never felt so fit or as strong as I do now. When joining Personal best, I couldn’t even get around a 400m track without gasping for air and walking, now however thanks to Mikey’s help with pacing myself I can comfortably run 2.5km without walking and regularly run OCR’s. Each PT session is completely different with a good mix and I not only see the results week by week but I feel them. Mikey also tailored a personal fitness plan for me to do in between sessions either at the gym or at home to get me on my way taking into consideration I have a previous back injury. Mikey has given me the knowledge and tools to transform myself.

On top of PT I regularly attend fitness classes also arranged through Personal best, I remember the worry I felt going along for the first time because I had low confidence but what a great bunch of people, they all made me feel at home instantly, the circuits class run by Mikey is a great workout for the whole body and Mikey is always on hand to help with technique and encouragement.  Teamwork is emphasised in each of the classes which I found to be comforting knowing you won’t struggle alone. I also attended the weights class with Harry.  Again Harry was very supportive and encouraging.  This class was great for improving toning and strength.  Finally, the other class I attended was the kettlebell and PIYO with Leanne, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect on my first visit but I have to admit I absolutely loved this class, again great people and Leanne is a great teacher.  She always made the class fun, corrected bad technique and had everyone sweating buckets.

As well as the fitness classes and PT sessions Personal Best regularly arrange group events, I went along to the Munro bagging challenge this year where we as a team climbed Ben Lomond. I found this a challenge but again I had the full support of Mikey helping me all the way up, These type of events are brilliant for boosting morale and getting the know other clients. Teamwork is emphasised a lot with all training classes and events and they give a great sense of belonging. I couldn’t recommend Personal Best as a fitness provider highly enough I would never be where I am without the support I’ve had not only from Mikey but from the whole team, all the staff are friendly and always happy to help. I’m proud to be part of team PB and I’m feeling confident as continue my fitness journey.

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