Darren Brown Testimonial

When I first joined the gym in January 2014 I was weighting about 57/58 kg. I didn’t really have any knowledge about how to get stronger, bigger in size or how to perform exercises with correct form. I knew the general saying ‘lift big to get big’ so I was doing just that and wasn’t really getting¬† anywhere. About 6 months later I met Alan and he started to give me tips on weightlifting and correct form. Then in September 2014 I decided to start training with Alan, this is when I started to see a big difference in my strength and weight. He taught me that weight isn’t everything if you cant perform the exercise with good form. He taught me about nutrition and showed me how much of a big part it plays so and he gave me meal plan advice on what to eat which really really helped with my strength and growth. He noticed that my posture wasn’t the best and that my shoulders were rounding forward so he gave me rear delt exercises to help bring them back which again would help me a lot with my form.

We started training and alan got my bench press up for 5 sets of 5 reps from 65kg to 80kg, my squat for 5×5 from 60kg to 75kg and my deadlift for 5×5 from 70kg to 100kg. This was in the space of 6-8 months. Loads of exercise we done after performing the compound exercises he put me through the bodybuilding method of higher reps and doing the exercise right with focusing on contracting and squeezing the muscle. Throughout my time training with Alan my weight went up every month when I checked, my highest weight that I reached was 72kg and I believe that was down to Alans training and nutritional advide and really pushing me every session.

Alan has really knowledge on health and fitness whatever your goals are he WILL get you there. He is a really good trainer, he pushes you hard to get you to your goals and he is very encouraging throughout the PT session.

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