Mandie Miller Testimonial

As someone who works full-time, married with two young children finding time for exercise is tricky. Now in my 40’s my Husband was encouraging me to put into place a regular exercise regime to maximise my health and well-being and suggested working with a Personal Trainer to optimize my time. I contacted Michael who assessed my fitness level and I outlined my objectives. This was done very thoroughly, which took sometime at the beginning, however later on its great to see what you have achieved and where you have come from.

My initial objectives were to improve my fitness and get ready for the first skiing trip in 14 years! Michael made a program which I knew was tailored to me, rather than a standard fitness plan you can get from some gyms. It really focused on a pre-ski workout. Michael has a friendly and motivational approach when working with him but be careful – he does push you! If I was in the gym on my own I would have given up on a quite a few occasions and Michael keeps you on task. When you have completed the session you definitely feel pleased, that’s why you chose to work with a Personal Trainer.

On returning from my skiing trip I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I was looking to undergo surgery for 8+ hours so needed to be as fit as possible for the operation and had six weeks to prepare. After getting over the shock of the news my Husband helped me put together an eating plan and we discussed what type of exercise would suite me most. I told Michael my news and within minutes I was receiving texts from Michael with websites that may be of use to me and he contacted specialists in that field to discuss a suitable pre-operation exercise plan for me. I felt very secure working with Michael, it seemed strange not pushing myself during my gym sessions, however Michael had given me clear guidelines under which we would need to work. He had answered my questions, one of which was a concern I had that if I exercised would that speed up the spread of my cancer. My preparation was very specific to me and as I was in the operating theatre for 10 hours I know the time was spent wisely. The medical team said my post operative recovery was very quick and the benefits of my exercise also helped with the chemo therapy I subsequently had to do.

Michael and I are now looking at my rehabilitation plan. With Michael being such sticklers for ensuring things are done properly he wants to know what my Oncologist has said about starting to train etc. He gets the balance right between the professionals say and getting you to understand what your body is telling you. My Husband encouraged me to start this exercise journey and I know without his support and Michael’s expertise and assistance I would not be back in the gym just 6 months later ensuring I do all I can to maximise the most precious thing we have and take for granted so much – good health.

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